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Sleep devices are tools that are used to assist the user in understanding individual sleep patterns with the objective of improving sleep and optimizing daytime performance, or treating sleep problems such as sleep disorders. Some of these sleep gadgets are worn on the user during sleep. Some are placed on the bed stand. Please know that no sleep product can replace sleep for you. Sleep is an essential biologic need. There is no ‘magic bullet’ or special pill or tablet that can give you back sleep that you have lost. Start with the basics of sleep hygiene. If you have long term sleep problems or suffer from excessive daytime sleepiness , or have any of the symptoms of a sellep disorder, you should talk to your primary care provider or sleep doctor.



CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and is the most popular treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. While there are other treatment options for OSA, CPAP is the one treatment that can offer immediate relief for most people with this sleep disorder.

You may start to see results as soon as you begin your CPAP treatment. CPAP therapy clears obstructions and causes most snoring to stop. As a result, you will feel an improvement in the quality of your sleep, from less daytime drowsiness to higher alertness during the day.

Over time, CPAP therapy may also lower blood pressure and also prevent or reverse serious health conditions such as heart disease. The air that CPAP machines deliver is generally ‘regular air’ and not concentrated oxygen. As such, CPAP is generally a safe medical treatment.


How Does CPAP Work?

CPAP therapy works by pushing air into the back of the throat where throat tissues collapse during sleep. This collapse in the throat is the main cause of sleep apnea and snoring. CPAP treatment acts by ‘splinting’ the airway open, allowing for inhaling and exhaling of air. 

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